Baseclass is a software outsourcing company that utilizes the newest web application technologies that can provide scalable and highly performing solutions for your business. We provide a range of custom information technology services as well as software outsourcing and development support for various enterprises around the world.


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...web and mobile application development company that utilizes the most recent digital technology that can provide scalable and optimal solutions for your commercial enterprise. We provide many information technology services as well as software and web application development for various businesses globally. Our services include web design and development, content management, web applications, software development, ecommerce solutions, database design, technical documentation, software architecture, search optimization and web promotion. We have the capability of doing web design. Good web design is responsive and it needs to look stunning throughout all devices including phones, computers or tablets. It should be simple, with good structure and categorization. We also do web development which refers to programming of website pages. Our websites have good code quality, secure, scalable and highly performing. We also create content in the form of images, video, audio and multimedia in addition to textual content.

Our team is also experienced in web app development. Web apps are applications that are accessed through a web browser. We are experienced in creating, deploying and testing applications in addition to software development for various industries. We are also experienced in software development, which refers to all the processes in developing software packages, as well as all stages throughout the software’s life cycle. We design software applications based on your commercial enterprise needs. We also do maintenance which in turn relies on to your requirements. After identifying the requirements, we do evaluation of those requirements then we do exact specifications of them. We then do software layout, programming and testing. As ecommerce developers, we take your business to worldwide markets and additionally create shop platforms, payment systems and logistics solutions. We also do database design that can give you access to correct and updated data in your business as well as meeting your needs and accommodating change.

All throughout our processes, we do technical documentation that describes clearly how the software and application we have developed operate. Our search engine optimization techniques are tested and validated to make you rank higher in search engines. With all our services, your business is sure to expand rapidly in this digital world.

Web Design and Development Where’s Responsive Design?

Web design is the design of sites that are found on the internet. It typically refers to the consumer experience in web development. Good web design is responsive, meaning that it should look beautiful across all devices, such as mobile phones, desktops or tablets. It should also be simple, with good structure and categorization.

Web development, on the other hand, refers to the coding or programming of web pages. Web development, just like software outsourcing and development, should have good code quality, should be scalable, secure and should have high performance.

Content Management Where’s Responsive Design?

Content management is the method of collecting, delivery, retrieval and management of information. Content may be in the form of images, video, audio and multimedia in addition to textual content.

Various varieties of content management exist to fulfill the needs of customers in a variety of industries. Content management can involve digital resources management to storing files such as emails and digital media. If your business has more complex content management needs, we can help you with content maintenance along with software outsourcing to improve collaboration between your business units.

Web Applications Where’s Responsive Design?

A web application is a software application that runs on a web server. Unlike conventional desktop software, which is launched by the operating system, web apps need to be accessed through a web browser.

Web apps have several advantages over desktop applications. Since they run in browsers, developers do not need to develop web apps for many systems. By updating the app at the server, all users can access the updated version. We are experienced in developing, deploying and testing web applications as well as software outsourcing for various industries.

Software Outsourcing and Development Where’s Responsive Design?

Software outsourcing and development refers to all the approaches that are involved in creating software programs, as well as all the stages throughout the software’s life cycle.

We design software programs and do software outsourcing based on your business needs. Our methods also support maintenance which in turn depends on your project requirements. After identifying the requirements, we do analysis of these requirements then we do detailed specifications of them. We then do software outsourcing, design, programming and testing. After the launch, we do maintenance.

Ecommerce Solutions Where’s Responsive Design?

In this fast-paced, modern world, all businesses are competitive. We do not only take your business to international markets but we also create shop platforms, payment systems and logistics solutions that enable you to grow your business and build your brand. We support your goals in your business through ecommerce software outsourcing.

Database Design Where’s Responsive Design?

A well-designed database gives you with access to updated, correct data. Because a correct layout is essential to attaining your goals in operating with a database, investing the time required to analyze the principles of design is good. In the end, you are more likely to grow to be with a database that meets your needs and can accommodate change.

Technical Documentation Where’s Responsive Design?

Technical documentation refers to the documentation that describes how services or products operate. For instance, there are software code documentations, technical specs and API documentation. We can do FAQs, video tutorials, support systems and embedded assistance for you along with software outsourcing.

Software Architecture Where’s Responsive Design?

Software architecture is the manner of defining an established solution that meets all the technical and operational necessities, while optimizing common attributes like overall performance, security, and manageability. It includes a sequence of choices based on a range of factors, and each of those choices may have impact on performance, quality, maintainability, and success of the software outsourcing application. Our software architects can design systems for you and do software outsourcing based on your needs.

Search Optimization Where’s Responsive Design?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing traffic on your site through organic search engine results. Traffic should be of good quality and they should be made up of followers that have a genuine interest on your products. Our SEO methods are tested and proven to make you rank high in search engines.

Web Promotions Where’s Responsive Design?

Website promotion is a set of methods and strategies that serve to increase site visitors in your website. Our web promotion services can increase your online sales and encourage repeat customers along with our effective software outsourcing services.

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