What is

Web API?

A Web API is a framework in computer programming used for developing HTTP services for use in browsers, mobile phones and tablets. The principle is similar to that of MVC since it also has some MVC capabilities. However, it is not considered a part of the MVC Framework. It is actually a part of the core ASP.NET platform computer programming though it may also be used with MVC and other web apps. It also can be used as a standalone application for the web.

Why Use Web API in Computer Programming?

Nowadays, an application made for the web through computer programming is not sufficient enough to reach more clients. More people are now using mobile phones and other devices every day. These gadgets also have mobile applications that have many features for daily use. There is now a shift from web applications to mobile applications.

This is why it is a must for you to extend your services to browsers and these mobile app device apps in an efficient and fast way through computer programming. You can do this with an API that is compatible with mobile device apps and browsers. Like for instance, you can create and use Facebook, Twitter and Google APIs for web browsers and mobile phone apps.

Web API is actually very useful because it enables you to bring data and services in various devices through computer programming. This is also open-source computer programming, so you don’t need to pay anything. This is considered a perfect way of creating REST-ful services. Web APIs often uses HTTP features such as caching and URIs. Also, you don't feel the need to outline any extra configuration settings for various devices in contrast to WCF Rest service in computer programming.

What is Good API Design?

It’s the developer’s job to create an API that follows the industry’s best and true practices. The developer cannot have control over what users do, but the developer should be able to implement the guidelines in using the created API in the proper way possible.

Good Documentation

Good documentation in computer programming is a great help for your users and fellow developers. This practice makes your customers and users recognize what every call will do, and how they will be able to deal best with little calls. Thus the developers should have a high level of computer programming knowledge of your application.

Integrations and SDKs

APIs can communicate with the system to get some things done. APIs should have integration or SDK for a computer programming language because it helps a lot of developers call the API and makes sure that the API is designed according to business goals.

Correct Status Codes

Developers should realize that using the right error codes in computer programming is very essential to the user of your API, and is also considered beneficial for the development group. Errors in the codes can break down your computer programming applications.

Proper Monitoring

You should be able to observe the slowest part of your API as well as the network time that will be in the report. Also, you should be vigilant on what your users actually want. Your API is not a thing but a service, so it should satisfy users and the business owners as well.

By building a good Web API through computer programming, you can satisfy your users. A well-designed API should be consistent and should do what is expected of it. The developed API should let users complete their actions successfully while making as little calls in computer programming as possible.

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