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So how do you know whether you need offshore software development done for your business or not?

Usually, offshore software development and web projects are started to fulfil your business goals. You may need offshore software development and web projects to manage content- rich web applications with images or other files. We can also do offshore software development and web projects that have dynamic files such as server pages or servlets.

Web projects and offshore software development often involve many tasks such as design and programming. Other tasks would usually include business enterprise design, server administration, network administration, hosting, graphic design, database development and administration, interface creation, project management, quality assurance, search engine optimization and data maintenance in content management systems.

Programming for offshore software development is usually in the form of markup languages such as HTML and XML and scripting languages such as PHP, Perl or Javascript. Complex programming languages are C, C++, C# or Java.

Aspects of a Successful Web Project

Team Expertise and Collaborative Effort

Good websites and offshore software development start with a team of experts. They are built with team effort and good chemistry. If only one person does a web project, its goals cannot be met successfully. Offshore software development simply cannot be done by a single person. It is a collaborative effort of various individuals with diverse backgrounds.

It’s not only team expertise that matters but also the customer or client. The client is the one who has the most information on what site is to be built. The client alone knows the requirements and the goals of the offshore software development projects.

Business Goals

Websites are not just built for fun. They are built for business growth. The web developers should know the goals of the website before building them. They should know how to analyze requirements and implement strategy that fulfils the business goals of the client.

Responsive and Functional Design

The web designer should be able to view and imagine how the user interacts with the website. Website features should be defined and any part should be specified. Form actions, buttons and calculators on the site should be defined and analyzed as to how it performs once a customer interacts with it. The site layout and the blog should be analyzed and imagined how they would look like to the user. Any animations should be tested first before launched.

A good web design and offshore software development team is able to see what a site looks like, feels like and acts like. Focus must also be placed on the different browsers that will be used on the site. The team should also be knowledgeable about website traffic and how to install analytics on the site.

Focus on Mobile

Mobile devices are becoming more popular nowadays and they are now the primary way that your users will use to browse your site. A good web development team can detect this and they will do many things just to bring every single detail of your site to look good in mobile browsers. When you choose an offshore software development team, make sure that they also know how to do mobile browser-friendly sites. These sites are known as responsive sites and they look good across mobile devices and tablets.

Error Tracking

A good web development and offshore software development team knows that an issue or bug tracking system along with integrated source control is essential to any site. The team should monitor and get engaged with their issue tracking system.

Frequent Testing

A good web development and offshore software development team knows that testing is an important part of development. Testing should be done even if the site is only composed of one page. The sooner testing is done, the less time will be sent in building something that has many errors or is flawed.

Are you looking for a web developer or offshore software development team that has all these qualities?