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More typically known as a driver, a device driver or hardware driver is made up of files that allow a number of hardware devices to be in contact with the computer’s operating system. Without drivers, the computer would not be equipped to send and acquire data appropriately to hardware gadgets, like a printer. We do software application development for drivers.

If the right driver is not established, the gadget may not operate appropriately, if at all. For Microsoft windows users, a driver clash or an error can also be seen within the device manager. If issues or conflicts are encountered with a driver, the computer manufacturer or hardware company will publish a driver update to repair the problems. This is why software application development should be good.

As experts in software application development and customized device driver development, Baseclass has wide experience in establishing customized device drivers for operating systems within the mobile and embedded space. We have done software application development for technologies that use wireless technology, USB, graphics, audio, and multimedia.

We are made up of software application development and device driver development experts who have developed drivers for various situations and industries. We have build new hardware for clients and we have done customization for applications and systems with new or proprietary features in software application development. We have done updates that help support new requirements and hardware and we have done porting from one operating system to another as well as porting between different host architecture platforms.

We work with our clients, fostering their suggestions and creativity to create device drivers and custom APIs which meet present standards in software application development as well as pave the way for new and proprietary technologies.

Our Expertise in Software Application Development

Team Expertise and Collaborative Effort

We have the necessary technical expertise in software application development and in the development of device drivers. We have knowledge and experience in Windows operating systems and devices which are needed in the development of Windows drivers and in software application development.

We also have technical knowledge about the hardware device that is necessary for writing drivers for hardware devices. We have extensive knowledge of computer operating systems and Windows in general for software application development. Our skills encompass the following:

We are knowledgeable about all aspects of hardware, such as functionalities, interfaces and controls for optimal performance and system reliability. We have appreciation for software application development and we are able to create application interfaces which are powerful, easy to operate, user friendly, and well-documented for other application developers.

Our team has many years of experience in software application development and in developing device drivers for Windows operating systems. We have done upstreaming on Windows drivers in behalf of our clients. The software that we have developed is of good code quality and are secure, operable, extendable, scalable and simple. We have also done software application development and web applications for our clients as well as mobile applications. We are proud of our work and we want to share our expertise with other clients and other developers as well.

Are you looking for software application development experts and Windows device driver developers? Contact us and we will take your business into the next level!